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20050927_0222Rockcliff Machine, for the past 20+ years, has been designing and building custom, industrial Machines. Our products are used mainly in new automobile manufacturing, and our machines are installed in many manufacturing  plants in many countries: USA, Canada, Japan, Germany, Mexico, China, England, France, Australia, Brazil, Korea, Thailand, Belgium, Argentina, and more.   We mainly specialize in industrial, CNC Automation Machine Technology and Manufacturing , for industrial customers, but also  have a real passion for CNC Machines that can make stuff, over the years we have helped many thousand DIY  builders, fabricate their own CNC Router, Milling, Lathe Machines and recently added a 3D Printer Head, with our CNC Router Plans, and CNC Parts, you can have a CNC in no time at all, visit our Rockcliff CNC Machine Builders forum,  it’s free to join, or visit cnczone


cnc pen holderThis Precision Made CNC Pen holder will transform your cnc router into a writing machine, great for layout, checking tool path accuracy, plotting artwork, labeling parts, made from commercial grade delrin, with precision ground 1/4″ shank, it fits in your router like a regular bit, it also features adjustable, pen pressure, and accurate center-line alignment, we also provide a 1/2″ diameter for your larger markers, fits all rotary tools with 1/4 collet. A must have tool for anyone that uses a CNC, it’s even used by the Smithsonian Institution, to create some of their display exhibits.






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