Cool Tools for your CNC

Our Precision Made CNC Pen holder will transform your CNC into a plotting drawing machine, great for layout, checking tool path accuracy, plotting artwork, labeling parts, made from commercial grade Delrin, with precision ground 1/4″ shank, it fits in your router like a regular bit, it also features adjustable, pen pressure, and accurate center-line alignment, fits pens, pencils, up to 1/2″ in diameter even large markers, A must have tool for anyone that uses a CNC, it’s even used by the Smithsonian Institution, to create some of their display exhibits.

Our  CNC Drag Knife Bit is the perfect tool for your CNC router, with this Drag Knife bit you can cut  stickers, stencils, paper, thin plastics, decals, for painting or sandblasting like a pro, you will be amazed at all the new possibilities and materials your CNC can cut. It’s available in 1/4″  or  1/2″ shank, that mounts in your tool like a regular bit, precision made, with two ball bearings, magnetic knife holder, adjustable foot for accurate blade depth., and spring loaded blade, for steady blade pressure for cutting on not so even surfaces, simple setup, ships complete with 3 carbide blades, 30, 45 and 60 degree and an instruction shee

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